About Us

Agroindustrias Osho is a Peruvian company founded in 2007, that is a leading supplier of sustainable natural and organic ingredients from the Peruvian biodiversity ideal for the cosmetic, food, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical industries. We market our products with our own trademark Naturik and our product portfolio is divided in two business lines: Naturik Specialty Oils and Naturik Super Foods.

Naturik Specialty Oils is a line of cold pressed oils and butters from seeds and fruits from the Peruvian biodiversity that present excellent properties for the cosmetic and nutraceutical industries.

Naturik Superfoods is a line of high nutrient whole foods that confer health benefits that are from the Peruvian nature and are produced using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing.

Our processing plant is HACCP, GMP, Organic (USDA, EU and JAS) and Kosher certified.


Our company is committed to socially and environmentally responsible business practices.
We source our premium raw materials from our own crops and through direct partnerships with farming communities where the use of the raw material is based in a sustainable harvest.

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